filtro trattamento a gac

Activated carbon is a granular material with high porosity and its main function is the adsorption of elements dissolved in water. It is used as an additional element in the filtration process in order to counteract an organic contamination or to prevent unpleasant smells. Marcante Serbatoi of Ala (TN) manufactures granulated activated carbon filters for both industrial and civil use, satisfying specific Customer requests.


The filter consists of a cylindrical tank with a horizontal or vertical axis suitable for working under pressure. Each product undergoes meticulous quality controls during all stages of processing and respect the provisions of the PED 97/23/EC, of the ASME and of the current regulations. Each item matches specific characteristics suitable to the place of installation, respecting all safety standards. All materials used come from companies that have certified quality systems. 

The structure is made of carbon steel with type 3.1 certificate of origin. All welded areas are carried out with welding equipment certified by qualified and continuously trained personnel. 

Marcante Serbatoi manufactures filters tailored to specific customer requirements, providing a wide range of customized solutions, using the following size and structural data:

  • Internal diameter
  • Plating height
  • Total height
  • Plating thickness
  • Bottom thickness

The filters undergo a series of checks in order to ensure product quality.

In fact quality controls are carried out during all stages of production and processing, such as dimensional tests, welding retention tests, radiographic and additional non-destructive tests. Depending on customer needs, Marcante Serbatoi is available to carry out any other tests they deem necessary.

The filters can only then be completed with suitable coats of paint. Internal and external treatments are carried out based on the content and use of the manufactured filters.

In order to ensure high quality standards, Marcante Serbatoi uses a wide range of certified products for the various paint cycles proposed:

  • HI solid type;
  • ceramic type;
  • paint reinforced with glass flakes.

Each product comes with its relevant safety and use sheet along with the documents showing the measurements carried out on the treatment cycles. Upon request pull-off checks can be carried out along with additional tests in order to guarantee the works.


gac treatment filter

Gac treatment filter for public plant located along the coast of Ravenna 

Tank designed and manufactured as per EN 13445, in accordance with PED Item 3 PAR.3 in S 275 JR EN 10025 foil.

Project data: 

temperature 40°C 

press. 2.6 BAR

Dimensional data: 

External diameter 4000mm 

HF 3000mm 

Single perforated plate

Paint treatments: 

Internal cycle after SA2.5 sandblasting, epoxy food treatment 

Thickness 400 Mic. 

External cycle Sa 2.5 sandblasting, polyurethane cycle Thickness 410mic., Ral. 5024

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