The company was founded in 1961 thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of brothers Giuseppe and Francesco Marcante. Originally the company specialised in basic structureworks and manufactured components for chair lifts and trellises. In 1963 it began manufacturing tanks. In the early years of its establishment the workshop was located in the garage at home, but in 1970 a piece of farmland was purchased. This area would eventually become the present industrial area of ​​Ala. At the time the family was among the first to invest in this area, where there were only fields and dirt roads. 

Over time, Officine Marcante implemented its activities and invested in new resources, thanks also to the support of the second managerial generation, who faced new challenges reaching out to the global market with the certainty of having an important brand: MARCANTE, synonymous of quality and professionalism. 

In time advanced machinery was purchased, enabling the business to carry out more targeted manufacturing along with equipment able to handle bulky products. With the 20,000 square metres of the current industrial site, Officine Marcante can guarantee its customers maximum flexibility for logistics management of the products. 

Alot of time has passed since the initial custom manufacturing business, of manually handling the loads, which required little employment of workers. But a constant commitment to quality and attention to the customer is the key factor that remained in order to manufacture products that are still a guarantee of this important journey; a journey that is part of the history of our territory.


The company has always placed great importance to the selection and esteem of its staff, believing that only a reliable and professional team can meet the challenges established by the current market. 

In fact, only qualified staff are employed in the company. They are constantly trained and kept updated on new innovations in order to ensure high standards of production and management.


Ever since the company was founded, management has always considered sharing its activities with the surrounding area and with the other establishments working within it an important factor. Officine Marcante is the sponsor of the local football and youth basketball teams and has been for years. 

Furthermore, in order to enhance the surrounding socio-economic environment, the company has,over time, established various collaborations with educational institutions, from local comprehensive schools and professional and technical institutes, to the Business Department at the University of Trento.

Social commitment 

ALENSE sponsorship for the local football team 

APECHERONZA sponsorship for the basketball team

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